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Jr. Leader/Ambassador Team Calendar

Want Event Notifications? 

Just click the button below to be added to the calendar to get all notifications about all calendar related things? We will email you when an event is coming up, canceled, moved etc. Joining the calendar also allows this.


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Feel Free to check out our annual event calendar...
next year

Most of our events currently happen from January to May as summer is a very busy time for all 4H. We hope to see you again next year at this page when the calendar is up and running for the season. From year to year, the calendar may change and also new events may appear each year because we have started an Event Suggestions Form, the event suggestions form is a place where the public can fill out and give their ideas on future events they think we should hold.


Every monthly meeting along with our other team business we will look over the ideas and vote and talk about how this could benefit the community and how we could host it in the future. We hope this calendar can be very useful and can help the public better. Track our different events. Also feel free to subscribe to our calendar notifications to always keep up-to-date and in the know.


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