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Cans and Bottles

Learn more about this project and how it benefits our county's program and how it can benefit others. Please check out BottleDrop's website (Click Button Below) and learn about how they are changing our community in Oregon. We are very grateful for their services and this would most likely not be possible without them. 

Thank You to everyone who helped us out!

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We have been collecting cans and bottles over the past years at various events and places. Our clubs have even been holding can drives in parking lots. We have been doing all of this to save funds up so that our fellow 4-H members can attend shows and conferences. Our team enjoys this project and hopes to keep operating in years to come! :)

How Can You Help?

By donating bags of cans or bottles you can help us collect more funds for future trips. Feel free to drop off your bags at the extention office (location listed to the right) and they will help you unload them downstairs. We are very grateful for your support and give a huge thank you to those that have donated cans or bottles and held fund our trips and events! 

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Watch Our Progress!

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Feel free to check in on our bottle and can progress by heading over to our Instagram Page or blog! There we post updates on our funding and how many cans and bottles we have received. See you there.

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